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Site last updated: March 5, 2011.

Are you looking to expand your horizons beyond an Owners Group? Well, you have an alternative. We are the Motorcycle Touring Association or the MTA. Not only are we riders, but we are travelers, because touring is our middle name. Our trips vary from short, local, fun rides, to day or weekend rides, to special locations, to trips across this great country of ours. And when we say country, we mean any country we are in the United States , Canada , Mexico , or Europe as we are also an international organization.

An organization that accepts all brands and makes of motorcycles. Our focus is on people that like to ride and tour, not on what they ride! Our common bond is our genuine love of riding and we believe that no one should be restricted to any one bike.

We have experienced the entire spectrum of a motorcycle club. From our beginning in 1983 as the elite owners' group of the Yamaha Venture, we have now evolved into an organization that believes that it doesn't matter what you ride as long as you want to ride.

An Organization of Friends : Our motto is Riding with Friends. This is where our history of having and establishing groups of friends together into chapters is a great benefit. This allows us a chance to share what we have learned, from working on our bikes, to favorite trips and destinations, to safety and riding tips we have gathered from our many years of riding and traveling.

If you are not fortunate enough to be close to an active chapter to participate in their activities, you can gather five of your friends and associates and start your own chapter. From here you can gather more friends to share experiences with and reap the real rewards of belonging to a chapter.

A Diverse Group of Riders : We are young and old, male and female, couples and singles.

Our members are from all walks of life and ride every brand and type of motorcycle. We have been an AMA chartered club since 1985 and our annual rally, MTA Gathering, held every June, is usually a Dunlop Elite Touring Series event.

Emphasis on Safety : Motorcycle safety is also of prime concern to us and we support and promote the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and their various training programs.

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